Tips for Learners

1. Pick the film which you are really interested in. The more you like the story, the more effective it will be for your language progress.

2. Do you have a favourite actor or actress? Do you like the way they speak? Pick 2 or 3 films where they play one of the leading roles and watch one film every week: this way you’ll enjoy different stories with the comfort of one voice. However, be ready that for some films actors adopt a specific accent, so check the original trailers before you watch the films.

3. Do you have a film you adore but think it is too difficult in English for you? Try watching it for 15 minutes in English and then switch to your native language version. Watch the whole film using this switching technique and by the end of the film you may not want to change from English.

4. You may like to choose films produced more than 15 years ago to feel more confident about the speed of speaking. At the same time, remember that some of the words may have a different meaning now.

5. What if you start watching a film but then realise that it’s not what you’ve expected? Then put it off until later, when you’re in the mood for watching this particular film.